Fairyland Chess Set

Fairyland Chess Set

3 Inch Pieces

Chess Pieces with Deluxe Wooden Chess Box:

Prod ID: 53845817

Price: $175.00

This is a finely crafted HAND PAINTED coldcast resin chess set with pieces measuring 3" tall. Great look and feel. It comes well-packed in a velvety liner which separates the pieces and fits perfectly for storage in the Deluxe Chess Box.

The Deluxe Chess Box consists of a matching 15.5" x 15.5" hardwood and cherry inlaid chess board top which opens for storage of your chess pieces inside. The Box is 2.5" high and is beautifully finished in cherry wood with a decorative metal latch closure. A perfect way to keep your pieces organized and safe!

Pieces only:

Prod ID: 5384

Price: $85.00

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